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Allex – Experiment 139 [experiment]



Tonight’s episode of Experiment will be more melodic, more progressive with future sounds from Pryda, Sharam Jey, old but still fresh track from Kris Menace and Lifelike or upcoming Rubicon from Allex! Ofcourse we can’t forget new jingles finally to make the Experiment more branded. Thanks for listening!

1. MYNC, Deborah Cox, Mario Fischetti – Everywhere (Matthew Heyer Remix) [Cr2 Records]
2. Sharam Jey, Tapesh – Over Me [Bunny Tiger]
3. Twistech – Code Of Colours [Green Mono Music Studio]
4. Lifelike, Kris Menace – Discopolis [Defected]
5. ID
6. Phunk Investigation, Emory Toler – Good Times (Jean Aita Remix) [Miniaturesrec]
7. Dosem – Runnerpark (Jeremy Olander Remix) [Suara]
8. Allex – Rubicon [3xA Music]
9. Robert Babicz – Astral Glider [Bedrock Records]
10. Pryda – Rebel XX [Pryda Recordings]
11. ID

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 70 [Hausaufgabe]



Hello dR, hallo Berlin. I’m back in business having freshly returned from a fun packed vacationing trip to the motherland. Big up to all my friends in Oulu and Helsinki for the good times. Also thanks to all who have provided feedback regarding the podcast lately, it’s much appreciated and there’s plenty more where that came from.

As it happens, many of the tracks heard here were also played by me at 45 Special in Oulu two weeks back. The selection is quite spacey, but things do go full Bailando in the end to keep up the summer spirit and all.

Nuff said as there are outdoorsy places to go and UV rays to catch. Laters!

01. Local Artist – Ozone [Rhythm Section]
02. Brame & Hamo – Lamaj [Dirt Crew]
03. Dany F – Magia [Cómeme]
04. Zadig – Hunted by the Cosmic Assassin [Syncrophone]
05. Hugo Barritt – Renewal [Nofitstate]
06. Jori Hulkkonen – Songs of the Eastern World [My Favourite Robot]
07. Eddy & Dus – A from B [Freerange]
08. Outboxx – Closing Titles [Futureboogie]
09. Nachtbraker – Dark Roast [Heist]
10. PBR Streetgang – Move On, Don’t Want Me (Kian T Remix) [Toy Tonics]
11. Black Fan – In the Water [Local Talk]
12. The Room Below – Freedom [Don’t Be Afraid]
13. Kornél Kovács – Pantalon [Numbers]
14. Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda [MCDE]


Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 70 page

Allex – Experiment 138 [experiment]



Hello and welcome again to the universe of Experiment, Allex’s one hour mix of his fortnightly update of deep-tech-progressive house music! In tonight’s 138th episode expect a mixture of older but fresh, newer but massive and Allex’s homemade stuff from his upcoming 2-tracks EP! Rubicon & Babylon are his brand new music, his new sound, more progressive, more deep and melodic! It should be released next month, but more information will be available soon… But we can’t forget the other for tonight: OMR, Fiona Beeson, Erik Hagleton, Andre Sobota or one and only Spinnin’ chairman Sander Van Doorn! Enjoy!


1. Nytron – On My Mind [No Definition]
2. OMR – Trip To Paradise [Prison Entertainment]
3. ID
4. Allex – Rubicon
5. Fiona Beeson – Mementos [Beesound Recordings]
6. ID
7. ID
8. Erik Hagleton – The Swipe [Toolroom]
9. Allex – Babylon
10. Andre Sobota – Silence Breaker [Trident Music]
11. Verve, Sekuential – Into The Distance (Andre Sobota Remix) [FutureForm Music]
12. Sander Van Doorn – Ori Tali Ma [Doorn (Spinnin’)]

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Allex – Experiment 137 [experiment]



Welcome to another Experiment, your experimenting with music with Allex! As we can say, never expect the same as last time so this time, again a bit difference, tonight more like a ghetto house, groovy elements and of course deep, tech and a little progressive! Some new, some old but still fresh and re-released tracks from artists such as Chus & Ceballos, Lutzenkirchen, Kintar, Copy Paste Soul, Rene Amesz or Federico Scavo! Enjoy!


1. Kinky Movement – Supa Fly [Borrowed Music]
2. Chus & Ceballos, Gigi, Leonardo Gonnelli – Abisinia [Stereo Productions]
3. Rene Amesz – Some Things Must Be Done [Caballero Recordings]
4. Paul Jays – Spiritual Battery (Chus & Ceballos Remix) [Stereo Productions]
5. Stiven Rivic, Michael Levan, Phalguna Somraj – Hyderabad (Kintar Remix) [Mistique Music]
6. Copy Paste Soul – Voyager [Suara]
7. ID
8. ID
9. Giza Djs – Sunset (Federico Scavo Remix) [AREA 94]
10. ID
11. Copy Paste Soul, Lunacy Sound Division – Me14 [Suara]
12. Lutzenkirchen – Spec Ops Two [Scrambled Recordings]
13. ID

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 69 [Hausaufgabe]



Oh my: we have reached the 69th episode of Hausaufgabe, and there’s nothing funny about that so you kids stop snickering back there. Furthermore, a week from now this podcast will turn four years old. I know for a fact that there are a couple of people out there – with impeccable tastes in music, obviously – who have stuck with me for most (if not all) episodes. Thank you for your support guys! Those who have tuned in somewhere in between might want to check some of the early episodes to see how (if at all) things have evolved.

In fact, this episode is almost something of a throwback to those early days, albeit unintentionally. To those craving simple up-tempo house bangers instead of deep artsy hipster bullshit, this one’s for you (but don’t worry, I will get back into that deep artsy hipster bullshit later). The mix sports some faux retro early 90s sounds, an actual unreleased mid-90s track from mr. Phonogenic and even an appearance from good ol’ DJ Sneak with his bumping remix of ms. Murphy’s stellar tune. At the end I’m easing you off with some more abstract excursions, whatever that means.

I’m heading for holiday travels soon, so there may be a slight break before the next episode. Fear not, I’ll be back. As for right now, enjoy the mix and be sure to make the most out of teh summertimez aight?

P.S. Be sure not to miss the long awaited return of 1MC on dirtyRadio. Welcome back!

01. Shur-I-Kan – Bird Man [Dark Energy]
02. Atjazz – Fox Tooth [Local Talk]
03. Balaphonic – Adventures in Lagos [Well Cut]
04. Slow Learner – Honey [Fina]
05. Tuomas Salmela – Nylon Beat (2015 Remake)
06. Róisin Murphy – Exploitation (DJ Sneak Remix) [Play It Again Sam]
07. Kid Simmons – Pheel [Killekill House Trax]
08. Twin Peaks – 3Way [Borg Trax]
09. Copy Paste Soul – On Point [Alive]
10. Borrowed Identity – Trans Trans Trans [Circus Company]
11. DJ W!ld – Ac!dmat!k (Jus Ed Head Room Mix) [W]
12. Berkson & What feat. Qzen – Worship (Alan Doe Remix) [Modelmaker]
13. Ben Vedren – Trem (The Prince Of Dance Elbee Bad Remix) [Silver Network]


Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 69 page

1MC – No.72 – The return of… The Returner [1MC]



The return of… The Returner

There is this time that one has to take a step back to go forward.
This is just what I needed to do… Find myself again…

After a 2 year hiatus it’s amazing to see how many netlabels disappeared…
Sad but thru… The evolving times of digital media strikes everywhere…

Enough of the past… Looking forward now… Trying to fit this nice music back into my life…
It is because of some nice tunes I heard the last years that I needed to share them with someone…

One of these superb labels is Broque and specially the release of “The Hermit”…
I would like to spend the whole show on that release alone, but I guess you need to discover it yourself…

There is no strict timing in the frequency of these shows… We’ll just see how this goes…


btw, you can still join the 1MC fan page…
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Artist – Track – (Release)

  1. The Hermit – Funeral – (Broque 104)
  2. The Hermit – Perception – (Broque 104)
  3. eCe Boas – Goldenes Licht – (Broque 102)
  4. dml – [Dirk Lamprecht rework] – (Broque 105)
  5. dml – Für S. – (Gruenfeld 003)
  6. Grau – Money – (Miniatura Records 066)
  7. Olene Kadar – Correspon – (Unfoundsound Records 040 )
  8. Monuloku – Syoss_Tec – (Gargan Records 006)
  9. Liquid Level – Tunnel – (Deepindub 010)
  10. Lucianno v & Ignacio Sietetrece – Drug Dealer Friend – (Unfoundsound Records 063)
  11. Molgam – Kitzinger – (23 Seconds 010)

Full link to the 1MC – No.72 – The return of… The Returner page

Allex – Experiment 136 [experiment]



Allex and his Experiment, the fortnightly update of deep progressive tech and deep house music with influence of techno! Max Lyazgin, Sebastien Leger, General Tosh, Trent Cantrelle or Ramiro Lopez, just the names a few you can expect in tonights one hour mix ! Enjoy!

1. Max Lyazgin – Caravan [Pepper Cat]
2. ID
3. Sebastien Leger – Not So Far Away [1605]
4. ID
5. Yotto – Memento [Anjunadeep]
6. General Tosh – Respect The Underground [Tiger Records]
7. Trent Cantrelle – All Of Them [Yoshitoshi Recordings]
8. Nevee – So Intentional (Andre Sobota Remix) [Sound Avenue]
9. Arjun Vagale, Ramiro Lopez – Sleaze [Terminal M]
10. John Cosani – Atw [Clinique Recordings]
11. ID

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 68 [Hausaufgabe]



Insert generic summertime platitudes here! It’s June so, you know, sunshine, beaches, vacations and all that. I’ve often observed how this season provides many a folk an excuse to indulge in the guilty pleasure of laid back and chilled out house music, a genre of which they’d be steering clear for the rest of the year. Nothing wrong with that! In order to pretend that Hausaufgabe would be about keeping with the times and providing soundtracks relevant to whatever is going on, here’s ~64 minutes of mostly harmless summer house for you. In reality it wasn’t planned and I just happened to run across some more easygoing tunes I hadn’t yet included in this podcast, but whatever.

While this mix features many fresh first timers (as usual), you can also spot a bunch of familiar guys doing their old thing. HNNY once again masters the art of somehow making a single cheesy loop sound great as a complete track. DJ W!ld also stays true to his brand of minimal and drawn out but oddly hypnotic grooves. Meanwhile, Kyodai releases “Breaking” for (at least) the 3rd time under a different title and we still love it. Hey, if it ain’t broke, etc.

Episode 69 is just around the corner so stay sharp out there. Also, don’t forget something something sunscreen hydration and so on.

01. HNNY – Solsidan [Let’s Play House]
02. Fouk – Ken Sent Me [Heist]
03. Paxton Fettel – Cloud Feeling [Greta Cottage Workshop]
04. Art of Tones – Koniokola [Lazy Days]
05. Maribou State – Rituals (MS Edit) [Counter]
06. Kyodai – You Know It [Room with a View]
07. Ctepeo 57 – Kackwursthouse [Voyage]
08. DJ W!ld – Only What I Am [Robsoul]
09. Jacksonville – Every Single Word [Inner Shift]
10. Creative Swing Alliance – Weekend [Faces]
11. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Fuego [Toy Tonics]
12. Flashmob – Room 202 [Flashmob]


Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 68 page

Allex – Experiment 135 [experiment]



Big names, pure progressive and proper house music, that’s tonight’s episode of Allex’s Experiment! Without big words, just shortly announce what you can expect in this hour! Robert Babicz, Trent Cantrelle, Hot Since 82, Dosem, Monojoke, just the names a few so let’s go to the music! Enjoy!


1. Robert Babicz – Fading Hearts [Bedrock Records]
2. Trent Cantrelle – All Of Them [Youshitoshi Recordings]
3. Bastian Bux – Stay [Suara]
4. Argy & MAMA – Recluse (Hot Since 82 Remix) [Toolroom]
5. ID
6. Robert Babicz – Density Disrupted [Bedrock Records]
7. Decibel Artforce – Crazy People (Leventina Edit) [Sirup Music]
8. Ri9or – At Home (Monojoke Remix) [Clinique Recordings]
9. ID
10. Fiord – Mental Notes (Dosem Remix) [Chameleon Recordings]
11. Oscar L – Black [Rhythm District]

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Full link to the Allex – Experiment 135 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 67 [Hausaufgabe]



O hai, didn’t see you there. Been a while since the last episode, as even with all the venues closing down left and right things have been busy here in the Clubsterben capital of Europe. Birthdays, festivals and carnivals, oh my! I could barely spare the time to put the latest in this series of mixes together for you.

But what a mix it is. These tracks are so hot that local officials may soon shut ME down for gross violations of fire safety regulations. Be sure to note e.g. the moody remix from Phonogenic, Martin “Nuke” Iveson Atjazzing it up like only he can, and the relentless banger by Nehuen soon to be released on Classicworks. Oh, and it’s purely coincidental that so many tracks with “acid” in their title ended up on the playlist. That’s not how I shop for my tunes, honest!

Next time, perhaps it’s time for some mellow balearic summer anthems to suit the season.. Or not. Check back to find out.

01. Gilb’r & Jorge – Du Lundi [Syncrophone]
02. Life on Planets – Fata Morgana (Phonogenic Dub) [Better on Foot]
03. Ben Boe – Ganymede [Boe]
04. FYI Chris – Dedication [Rhythm Section]
05. Krywald & Farrer – The People’s Asafo [Silver Bear]
06. Times Are Ruff – Three [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
07. Brame & Hamo – Parish Rumors [Heist]
08. Martin Iveson – Leave Me Here [Lazy Days]
09. Palms Trax – Sumo Acid Crew [Dekmantel]
10. Steve Lawler – Generation Acid [8Bit]
11. Basic Soul Unit – Snow Drifts [Dolly]
12. Alden Tyrell – Acid 3 (Vin Sol Remix) [Delft]
13. Nehuen – The Game Has to Play Out [Classicworks]


Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 67 page

Allex – Experiment 134 [experiment]



We have a little feeling that it’s time to do a little move. Don’t worry, nothing big and there is no big change in the air, but Allex thinks, that you definitely hear it. Experiment was all the time about music. About new music, new stuff, new overwhelming things and of course about experiments. Allex always tried to bring you some special sounds, so yes, sometimes it was so risky that the mix sounded very strange. And that’s why you will hear a bit more progressive music tonight as usual! As we said, not a big move, but … You can expect more of these tracks in future but this time, most of them are ID’s. But still, same program, slower beginning by Sante Cruze or Gianni Kosta’s remix on Armada, then more proggy and tech by Marcus Schossow’s project Oliver Englafjord released years ago or Edu Imbernon on Suara or at the end usual bombers such as Jay Lumen, Adrian Hour or Ramiro Lopez!


1. Sante Cruze – Get So High [Pearl Recordings]
2. Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (Gianni Kosta Remix) [Armada Deep]
3. ID
4. ID
5. Demarzo – Killing Gilling [Definitive Recordings]
6. Oliver Englafjord – Slsetur [Streamlined (Spinnin)]
7. Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba – Cederron [Suara]
8. ID
9. ID
10. Jay Lumen – Get Wet [Budenzauber]
11. Adrian Hour – One Step [Toolroom Trax]
12. Ramiro Lopez – Tolder [Suara]

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dirtylaundre sessions no. 160 [dirtylaundre sessions]



Keepin it short and simple, 1 hour long mix

01. The KLF – What Time Is Dub (Salz Acid Dub Remix)
02. Archivist – Trophic
03. Red Royalty – El Toro
04. Enjineer – Untitled Birds
05. Twins – Deal With It
06. Gordon – MK Ultra
07. The Black Dog – Heavy Industry
08. Deadbeat – Deep Space
09. Flore – Graved on Stone
10. Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut – Intuition
11. Cignol – Sys486
12. Steffi – Hard Hitting Horizon
13. Electric Rescue – Received (Kyle Geiger Remix)
14. Robert Hood – Sleep Cycle
15. Wire – Vanish
16. Flex & Extra Dry – OFBT 3.0
17. Destroyer – Mud & Rust
18. NX1 – NX1 07 021
19. Mista Men – Screw Ball
20. Paul Johnson – Aww Shit
21. Robert Hood – The Greatest Dancer


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Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions no. 160 page

Allex – Experiment 133 [experiment]



The latest, fresh, eccentric, progressive, indie, melodic, tech, deep, fashionable, touching, whatever you want to title this, this is the latest episode of Experiment with number 133! Full of new, old but always fresh stuff from talented artists and producers all over the world! Jeremy Olander, Federico Scavo, Adam Beyer, Jay Lumen, Adrian Hour, Lutzenkirchen, some of them living legends, some of them young talents, but always, we aim to high-quality music and that what is this all about! Music and experimenting with music! Enjoy!


1. ID
2. Freemasons feat. Solah – True Love Survivor (Xaanti Remix) [Freemaison Recordings]
3. Sezer Uysal – Endless hope (Dj Generous Remix) [Green Mono Music Studio]
4. ID
5. Jeremy Olander – Groover [microCastle]
6. Lutzenkirchen, Acquaviva – No Fear (Christian Villa, Cosme Martin Remix) [Sugar Beet Music]
7. Jeremy Olander – Goliath (Marc Marzenit Remix) [microCastle]
8. Federico Scavo – Fricana [Whore House]
9. Jay Lumen – Late Night Fun [Tretmuehle]
10. Adrian Hour – One Step [Toolroom Trax]
11. Gary Beck – Say What (Adam Beyer Remix) [Natura Viva]
12. Antoine Clamaran feat. Lulu Hughes – Release Yourself (Senda Remix) [Reflective Music]

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Full link to the Allex – Experiment 133 page

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 66 [Hausaufgabe]



Safe and sound in Berlin, back from a journey into the domain of dry heat, barren landscapes and artificial tacky glamour that is Nevada, I present yet another chapter in my quest to assemble the best possible house mix to whoever out there may be listening.

Due to a bad mixing day or something, the first attempt to put this one together ended up way too sloppy even by my standards. So I had a little do-over. Does this mean I’ll lose some cred with the old skool “one take only” heads? Probably. Does it mean you’ll end up with a more enjoyable listening experience sans trainwrecks? Hell yea baby!

At the 66th episode it’s getting hard to come up with original insight regarding the music itself, at least without resorting to the usual mess of adjectives you see in electronic music promo texts. One notable point however is the latest resurgence of early 90s UK hardcore influences, seemingly on the comeback after the previous peak in ~2013. Or perhaps it never went away?

01. Portable feat. Lcio – Surrender [Live at Robert Johnson]
02. Dauwd – Ritter Sport [Kompakt]
03. Ant Orange – Bouncing Down (Martin Lewis Indicator Remix) [Profound]
04. Alex Burkat – Pay the Rent [Permanent Vacation]
05. Crackazat – Eye Light [Local Talk]
06. Headless Ghost – The Journey (NY Stomp Remix) [Tamed]
07. Kindimmer – This Harmonic [20:20 Vision]
08. Kiko Navarro – Dope High [Local Talk]
09. Joss Moog – Menage A 3 [Ondule]
10. Atjazz & Oveous – Soldiers (Atjazz Astro Remix) [Atjazz]
11. Kink – Pocket Piano (Breakbeat Mix) [Running Back]
12. Volta Cab – 99 Supreme [Frole]


Full link to the Breaque – Hausaufgabe 66 page

dirtylaundre sessions no.159 [dirtylaundre sessions]



Semi-fitting for a 4.20 show….this one sounds like a string of little podcasts strung together. Moving from old school and new school style Hip Hop, Grime, Ragga, Trip Hop and downtempo, Brostep, Halfstep, dub and dubstep.

1. Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies – Hive
2. The Flying Skulls feat J. Tonal – Bacon
3. G-Side – I’m Sorry (JakeOne Remix)
4. El-P – Sign Here
5. DJ Krush feat Aesop Rock – Kill Switch (Beep Mix)
6. Earl Sweatshirt feat. Matthew Tavares – Hoarse
7. Alix Perez feat Foreign Beggars & Jehst – Monolith
8. Tokimonsta feat. Kool Keith – The Force
9. Alix Perez feat. They Call Me Raptor – Villains 1 Heroes 0
10. DJ Krush feat. Mr. Lif – Nosferatu
11. Flying Lotus feat. Shabazz Palaces – Hide Me
12. Zebra Katz – 3rd Dgre
13. CREEP feat. Dark Sister – Jessica King
14. Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – The Kill
15. Architect – The Sun (Walton Hoax Remix)
16. Neneh Cherry – Spit Three Times (Lee Bannon Remix)
17. King Midas Sound – Tears (Kiki Hitomi Revoice)
18. Alexander Spit feat. Anna Henscey – Prozac
19. Mount Kimbie feat. King Krule & Jeremiah Jae – You Took Your Time (Oneman Remix)
20. Yo La Tengo – Here To Fall (Pete Rock Remix)
21. Tricky feat. Tirzah – Sundown
22. Massive Attack – Psyche (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)
23. Tricky – Feed Me
24. Dead Prez – Hip Hop
25. Alix Perez feat. Strange U – Shadows
26. Distance & Crazy D – Worries Again
27. Gatekeeper & Grilza – Truth In The Booth
28. RSD feat. Wilks – Firewall
29. Strikez & Digital – Road That Never Ends
30. Wu-Tang Clan – Lyrical Swords (Pawn Remix)
31. Tek-One feat. Illaman – End Of
32. Sublime – Doin Time (Zeds Dead Summer Grime Remix)
33. Hijack – Nightmaresz
34. Search & Destroy – Deepest Fear
35. Dub & Run – Milk
36. DJ Krush feat. Shin’ichi Kinoshita – Beyond Raging Waves
37. Fused Forces – Axis
38. Unknown Artist – Heart of Darkness

Full on mixmode for the next podcast.

Full link to the dirtylaundre sessions no.159 page

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