Breaque – Hausaufgabe 51



After a brief journey through the northern motherland and fighting a valiant battle against the local horse-fly horde, Hausaufgabe returns as hausy as ever. It’s Fashion Week time here in Berlin and as they say, house music never goes out of style. Oh wait, it might’ve just been me who said that.

Enjoy the top quality tunes, and catch you in the next episode.. Provided I’ll survive the randomized urban warfare undoubtedly hitting the streets of F-hain after the world cup final.

01. Yokto – Panamax [Compost]
02. Martijn – Mamina [Hermine]
03. Kiki/Sasse – Passion Week [Nofitstate]
04. Munk & Lizzie Paige – Southern Moon (HNNY Remix) [Exploited]
05. Pazkal – Everybody [Frequenza Limited]
06. Loz Goddard – Looking Back (Jazzloungerz Remix) [Savoir Faire Musique]
07. Audiojack – Drop the Dime [20:20 Vision]
08. Dubble D presents Moodymanc – Mr Ruff (Dubble Dub) [Local Talk]
09. De Sluwe Vos – Poltergeist [4Lux Black]
10. Shenoda – Bad Moyles [Hypercolour]
11. Marquis Hawkes – Outta This Hood [Clone Jack for Daze]
12. Area Social – Take the Tape Out Now [Waxadisc]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 50



Time flies when you’re having fun bedroom DJing, and it’s hard to believe Hausaufgabe has reached #50 already. I was toying with ideas for a “very special episode” to celebrate this sort-of-big number, but in the end none of them felt right. So I’m staying true to my kind-of-vague concept: attempting to assemble the optimal mix for you from my current house favourites and selected classics. Some of those special ideas may get used later though, so watch this space.

This installment got prepared just in time for the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin, so we’re in full-on extended weekend party mode over here. The last time I put together a podcast during the Karneval was back in 2012 after the lovely open air shindig in Horst Krzbrg (RIP). Good times, good memories.

But I digress. I’d like to thank everybody who have tuned in, given feedback and/or spread the word during these 3 years of podcasts. I’m definitely not running out of music any time soon, so here’s to at least 50 more!

01. Sirens of Lesbos – Long Days Hot Nights [Exploited]
02. Shenoda – You Can Tell [Hypercolour]
03. Bobby B – So True [Icee Hot]
04. Volta Cab – Tahiti Is Not Pleased [Teardrop]
05. Nenad Markovic – Grace Records [Internasjonal]
06. Compuphonic – Walking on the Edge [Exploited]
07. Thomas Sonora – Shapes in Smoky Rooms [Savoir Faire Musique]
08. Mood II Swing feat. John Ciafone – I See You Dancing [Groove On]
09. Martijn – Wub Wub [Save Room]
10. Smok – It’s Alright [Manifesto]
11. Ed Ed & Matthew K – Booty Cabbage [Moodmusic]
12. Gerd – Work da Tool [DFTD]
13. Dachshund – Alone with You [8BIT]
14. Hector – Hide (Delano Smith Remix) [Tsuba]
15. Benjamin Damage – Up [50 Weapons]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 49



It’s getting hot in here, but fear not, I intend to keep most of my clothes on. Summer is hitting Berlin pretty hard, but the heat hasn’t quite managed to creep into my mancave deep in the shady streets of F-hain. While taking the opportunity to chill inside, I put together this cool mix of burning house tracks for your pleasure. Have fun with the acid funking of Luke Vibert, nostalgic sampling from HNNY, breakbeats by CPS and everything else! See you in #50.

01. HNNY – Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet [Permanent Vacation]
02. Tiedmann – Deap Deel [Kolour]
03. Around7 – Hong Kong Joint [Robsoul]
04. Achterbahn D’Amour – Tape 4 Fears [Permanent Vacation]
05. Quarion – Sunday Night [Drumpoet Community]
06. Madmotormiquel – Sad Reindeers [Ritter Butzke Studio]
07. Wild Culture with Juliet Sikora – In You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Kittball]
08. Copy Paste Soul – For Real [Gruuv]
09. Dimi Wilson – My Name Is Flager [Underground Audio]
10. Mome – Once Again [4lux Black]
11. Bromley – This Could Be [Bullet Train]
12. Luke Vibert – Acage [Hypercolour]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 48



Mayday! Mayday! Err.. Sorry, wrong decade. Well the scene is sure getting 1st of Mayish up here in Berlin. I’d say the situation calls for a riot-inducing 76 min mix just in time for the holiday! From picnic-worthy chilled out house to near-techno, it’s a unity of sound fitting the occasion. So time to put that MP3 player of yours to work, and enjoy the fruits of the producers’ labour.

01. Dauwd – Lydia [Kompakt]
02. Lorenzo Calvio – I Am Here (Martin Patino Remix) [Moodmusic]
03. Dorsia – Ghana (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Loft]
04. Marco Bernardi – Inbetween Fire [Hypercolour]
05. Roman Rauch – Too Many Things [Philpot]
06. Dale Howard – Rhymes365 [Underground Audio]
07. James Welsh – Wanderlust (Ste Roberts Remix) [Shabby Doll]
08. Blud – Memories [No.19 Music]
09. Audiojack – Machine Code [Gruuv]
10. Cayam – Doom Gloom [Hypercolour]
11. Force/Emerge – Lumi [Counterchange]
12. Tripmastaz – Roll Back (Instrumental) [I'm a House Gangster]
13. Mike Dehnert – Movement [Delsin]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 47



Something for the four day weekend? What could be more appropriate than a set of tracks so good they practically qualify as a religious experience. As usual, I’ve tried to keep it fresh and varied. From Detroit influences to breakbeats, house music sure is boring and monotonous.

I also noticed that #50 is approaching fast. What to do once I hit that big number? Something special, or keep it business as usual? Decisions, decisions. Feel free to give some ideas e.g. at the dR Facebook page. Meanwhile, have fun with the mix and enjoy the holidays.

01. La Fleur – Kattflickan (Art of Tones Remix) [Power Plant]
02. Nail – Decay Time [Shabby Doll]
03. Ben Boe – Low Rider [Boe]
04. Cab Drivers – Five [Cabinet]
05. Eric Ericksson – Yuki (Deeper Dub) [Swedish Brandy]
06. DOB – Expo [Frole]
07. Ames Henry – Who Feel What I Feel (Pezzner Hypersensitive Mix) [Uniting Souls]
08. Friend Within – The More (Long Version) [Hypercolour]
09. Isis Salam feat Kruse & Nuernberg – Let Go [Exploited]
10. John Tejada – Now We’re Here [Kompakt]
11. SWAT – Rights of Passage [Robsoul]
12. Rachel Row – L Square [Pets]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 46



After digging through the old and dusty bits for a few episodes, it’s about time to get a bite of fresh produce again. And in a stunning display of straying off proven formulas, instead of 12 stellar tracks I’m bringing you.. 13 of them! Wild, huh? You can never tell what kind of wacky antics will ensue in this downright anarchistic podcast.

But I digress. Hope you’ll dig the music, which contains e.g. another quality outing from Oulu’s own Smok, dramatic disco flavours by Christian Prommer as well as Hard Ton indulging in retro jacking. All house, all good.

01. Matthias Vogt – The Wobble Track [Large]
02. Smok – Let’s Be Friends [DeepClass]
03. Freestyle Man – Get Away Tonight [Stranjjur]
04. Walter Jones – A Night in Newark [Permanent Vacation]
05. Alf Tumble feat. Halina Larsson – Story of a Ghost (Elef Remix) [Centric]
06. Stefan Mint – Leichtmatrose Morgenrot [Dantze]
07. Christian Prommer – Hanging on the DJ Booth [Compost]
08. Wil Maddams – NS Truth [Remote]
09. Michael McLardy – You Feel [Voltaire Music]
10. Flash Atkins vs Daco – Vowerk [Paper]
11. Hard Ton – Jack to the Sound [Toy Tonics]
12. Luke Solomon – Lost Channels (Wil Maddams Remix) [Local Talk]
13. Tyson Ballard – All Day [Voyeurhythm]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 45



And now for something.. marginally different. This edition of Hausaufgabe is a collection of tracks more temporally diverse than usual, spanning between 2009 and 2013. This includes previously unplayed and forgotten gems, recent second hand purchases and some newer releases for good measure.

Disclaimer: 100% razor sharp mixing not guaranteed, as this was just a laid back unplanned spinning session on the spur of the moment. But with fine sounds like these, who cares? Pleasant listening!

01. Iron Curtis – Solgerhood [Mirau]
02. Paul Du Lac – MYO [Clone Jack for Daze]
03. Gerd – Friendly Fire (Extended Mix) [Clone Royal Oak]
04. Autre – FW [Never Learnt]
05. Nail – Never4gedit [Shabby Doll]
06. Antislash feat. Ava’s Verden – Got Back [Salon]
07. Jordan Peak – I Want You [Saved]
08. Bjorn Wolf & Youri Donatz – So I Say [Noir]
09. Craig Hamilton – Free Your Body [Robsoul]
10. Neville Watson – Crossing the I’s [Don't Be Afraid]
11. Shane Linehan – Relentless [WYS]
12. Head High – Burning (Keep Calm Mix) [Power House]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 44



Stand back and watch your step, as you’ve stumbled upon a massive excavation.. for tracks, in my Friedrichshain man cave. The sporadic release schedule of past months has resulted in a metric ton of unplayed house goodness in my backlog. Enter the second dose of February Hausaufgabe, with tunes guaranteed fresh even though all of them might not be hot off the press anymore. Brace yourself for a melodic affair with some twists, turns and wobbles.

01. Marc Romboy & Bajka – Reciprocity (Marc Romboy Treatment) [Systematic]
02. Phonogenic – Tulio (El_Txef_A Remix) [Flumo]
03. Klartraum – Diving Dancer (Ian Pooley Remix) [Lucidflow]
04. Jonas Rathsman – Yes I Am [OneOffs]
05. Crackazat – Candle Coast [Local Talk]
06. Soulphiction – Mind & Body [Philpot]
07. Kindimmer – Surreal Unreal [Instinkt]
08. Anthony Mea – Lifetime in Berlin (Pezzner Remix) [Savoir Faire]
09. Black Loops – Up on You [Gruuv]
10. Anaxander – Dance et Cetera [BOE]
11. Luke Solomon – The Difference Engine (Redux) [Restore Music]
12. Oli Furness – Envy [Morris Audio]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 43



The lines of communication were cut for quite some time, but at last I can report from behind the lines that the mission of infiltrating into Berlin was a success. Hausaufgabe is back where it kicked off for the 20 first episodes. Different kiez, same beats. Here we go with excellent house music for 2014! As always, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

01. Lord of the Isles – Horizon Effect [Permanent Vacation]
02. Werner Niedermeier – What Is (Phonogenic Remix) [Turquoise Blue]
03. Farfan – What to Do [Frole]
04. Roberto Rodriguez – Intuition [Lazy Days]
05. Rafa Santos & Agger – Radio Ghetto [Great Plan]
06. Fish Go Deep & Tracey K – Nights Like These (2013 Rework) [Go Deep]
07. Deeptrak – Satisfaction [Nocturnal Groove]
08. Bugsy & Christian Prommer feat Jinadu – Future Lights (Christian Prommer Dub) [Lazy Days]
09. El Prevost feat D.Ham – Allez Ally (El Prevost Deptford Dub) [Third Ear]
10. Craig Scully – Fat Demo [Dub-House]
11. Raw Underground – Hot Temptation [Underground Source]
12. Shur-I-Kan – Jazz Club (Max Graef Remix) [EleFlight]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 42



The meaning of life is.. Hausaufgabe 42? Perhaps not, but isn’t it nice to ring in the new year with house music hot enough to prematurely light up your fireworks? Heavy 909 use and early 90s UK hardcore references seem to be in right now, and I’m not complaining. I barely made it to release this on the side of 2013, but what can I say: moving abroad can keep one busy. That’s right, in a week from now it’s time for us to return to Berlin where this podcast got its start. Oulu will be missed but whatever the place, the music won’t stop.

Enjoy the tunes, have a fun new year’s eve and check back in 2014! Plenty of homework still ahead..

01. Safeword – Tales from the Sunset [Touch of Class]
02. Evan Iff – Salt [Serenades]
03. James Barnsley – Don’t You Know (Jordan Peak Remix) [Innercircle]
04. Chesus – Decisions [4lux Black]
05. S3A – Sleepness 909 [Local Talk]
06. Sarp Yilmaz – No Country for Freeman [Apparel Music]
07. Pazkal – My Definition [Moodmusic]
08. Mr Ho & Florian Blauensteiner – Crescendeux [Klasse]
09. Copy Paste Soul – Second Wind [Exploited]
10. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Kraak & Smaak Remix) [Floorplay]
11. JMX – The Hardcore Track [Morris Audio]
12. Marc Romboy – Set Me Free [Gruuv]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 41



What’s this, Sunday homework? Obligations in the boring “real life” side of things have lately wreaked havoc on my podcasting schedule. For the next few months I’ll most likely be releasing new Hausaufgabe episodes quite randomly, but rest assured, I’ll be back to house you when you least expect it. To make up for this, here’s an extra long 82 minute installment with all flavours of stomping goodness. Maximum taste, zero remixes.

01. Maribou State – Blue Sunday [Southern Fried]
02. Volta Cab – Problems Solved [Kolour]
03. Alci – Jungles Brew [Robsoul]
04. Boska – Submarine [Permanent Vacation]
05. Kito Jempere – Confusion [Freerange]
06. Sello – Praise Him [Moodmusic]
07. Daniel Kyo – That Kind of Music [Moodmusic]
08. Beanfield feat. Marzenka – Bring You Love [Compost]
09. Kyle Watson – You Should [Gruuv]
10. DJ W!ld – Feel Me [2020 Vision]
11. Anoo Rado – Beware [Mussen Project]
12. Snuff Crew – Bass! [BPitch Control]
13. Wouter De Moor – 8 Voice [Poker Flat]
14. Mate Tollner – This Song Never Ends [Cimelde]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 40



This week I’ve mostly been recovering from an extended Berlin clubbing weekend with Teemu “I’m not doing Roskooppi anymore” P, and a bout of flu on top of that. Are these hardships enough to keep me from mixing together the 40th hour of housy goodness for dR? Aww hell naw! The world of Hausaufgabe is once again full of wonder, from Kink remixing Jimpster to Joel Alter putting a bangin’ donk on it. Don’t take my word for it, take a listen and hear it all yourself.

01. Art of Tones – The Great Sgatmi [Local Talk]
02. Kyodai feat. Stee Downes – Music Rises Up (Simon Garcia the Real Health Dub) [Exploited]
03. HearThuG – Stranjjthings [Stranjjur]
04. Adham Zahran & Hisham Zahran – 1977 [Moodmusic]
05. Jimpster – Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (Kink Remix) [Freerange]
06. Copy Paste Soul – Motive [Gruuv]
07. Twinpeaks – Not That Tech House DJ Tool Dropped by Paris Hilton You Were Searching For [OneOffs]
08. Washerman – Siren Chords [Drumpoet Community]
09. Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg – Donka (Joel Alter Remix) [Klasse]
10. Brasstronaut – Opportunity (Jacques Renault Remix) [Millionhands Music]
11. Nick Olivetti – Drop The Shhhh [Trapez]
12. DJ Sulli & 5657 feat. Alexander East – Up All Night (Pezzner Remix) [Hype & Soul]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 39



Here is the last episode of Hausaufgabe ever.. before the next one! Gotcha. It’s grand alright, but it sure ain’t a finale. As long as tracks as fine as these 12 specimens keep getting released, there is mixing to be done and I’ll be here to do it.

In my hood we’re in full blown autumn mode already, and I believe that is audible in this set of sweet & sour tunes as well. Be sure to especially check out the two excellent remixes from Kyodai and HNNY, both proving they’re more than one hit wonders after their recent breakthroughs on the Swedish label Local Talk.

01. Chmara Winter – Kings of Zenon (HNNY Remix) [Pets]
02. Tone of Arc – White Spy [No.19 Music]
03. Matches – Two Strangers (Jamie Funk Remix) [Something Different]
04. Klar Reise – The Passionate Pilgrim [SlowPitch]
05. Fulbert – Time [Foul and Sunk]
06. Echonomist feat G-Tech – Keys to Life (Kyodai Remix) [Dessous]
07. Francis Inferno Orchestra – 3AM Piano Thing [Voyeurhythm]
08. Ghosts on Tape – No Guestlist (Arttu Remix) [Icee Hot]
09. Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds – Lie To Me (Sacha Robotti & Mr Ho Remix) [Runnin Wild]
10. Behling & Simpson – Hurt Me More [Exploited]
11. Frankey & Sandrino – Wandering [Moodmusic]
12. Bebadim – Brain Beat (Tripmastaz Plant 74 Edit) [Plant 74]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 38



So many grand tunes, precious few excuses not to record yet another episode of Hausaufgabe for your listening pleasure. It couldn’t be helped: the state of recent releases has again forced my sticky fingers on those turntables. Traps come and EDMs go, most likely by taking the night bus, but house music prevails.

Nobody expects a Finnish inquisition? They might as well, as this is hardly the first one for the podcast. In today’s domestic affairs, Roberto Rodriguez provides a bumping treatment of the #1 summer hit of 2012, Arttu puts his machines to good use on the notorious Snuff Crew’s label, and Sasse utterly destroys the 303-toting competition with his acid monster. But despite my praise for those fellow finns, the armada of foreign folk on the roster are likewise a force to be reckoned with.

01. Keinzweiter – A Never Ending Story [Mussen Project]
02. Project 01 – P01_01 [NSYDE]
03. Jazzuelle – Foot in the Groove [Cityscope]
04. Dragos Ungureanu – Last 29 [Souled Black]
05. Shur-I-Kan – Kissing (Harold Heath Remix) [Body Rhythm]
06. Evan Iff – Faith & Trust (Michelle Owen Remix) [Large]
07. Kyodai – Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Local Talk]
08. Studnitzky – Evora (Charles Webster Dub) [Sonar Kollektiv]
09. Okain – O’Clock (Gerd Deep Mix) [Tsuba]
10. Arttu – Hallu Ci Nations [Snuff Trax]
11. Robert Babicz – Sonntag (Kink Remix) [Systematic]
12. DJ Pierre – Save Our World (Sasse Acid Dub) [Deeplay]

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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 37



303 basslines, vocoders and breakbeats, oh my! House music knows few limits, sonically or geographically. From Oulu to Berlin, from Florida to Bulgaria, Hausaufgabe once again scours the earth for the best of the best.

With his fine new EP on Phat Elephant, Smok keeps things happening here in the house city of Oulu. Back in my previous hometown, our fellow countrymen Freestyle Man and Sasse attempt to induce a last minute summer of love ’13 with pure unadulterated acid. As if that wasn’t old school enough, Kink and Rachel Row rave on by giving Mr. Watson a full-on ’92 UK hardcore treatment. Q-Burns and Dudley S also deviate a little from the usual four-on-the-floor beats while remaining housey. I don’t even know what’s going on with that massive Pezzner remix.

As always, I hope you’ll have a fun ride. Meanwhile, I’ll be up to my elbows digging up the finest buried treasures for the next one.

01. Rhythm Plate feat. Clyde – Bring It on Back (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) [Lost My Dog]
02. Dudley Strangeways – Fisher’s Price [Black Key]
03. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Amber Express [Drumpoet Community]
04. Purple Disco Machine – My House [OFF]
05. Neville Watson – Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts (Kink & Rachel Remix) [Creme Organization]
06. Tone Fiction – Most of Us [LouLou]
07. Sasse – Treat Me (Freestyle Man Acid Dub) [Moodmusic]
08. Alba Prada & Ann Santos – Let Me Take You Home (Pezzner Remix) [Blue Dye]
09. Nail – Rosesdub [Robsoul]
10. Kate Simko – Your Love (Kerri Chandler’s Bob Beaman Instrumental) [No.19 Music]
11. Smok – We Are One [Phat Elephant]
12. And.Id – If We Stop [Mobilee]

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